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Science Week (Science Fayre- Exploring Colour)

March 16th, 2017 by


The children in nursery have worked very hard this week on exploring and experimenting with colour and how colours change when we mix them together.

We did lots of different experiments to see how colours change

We explored colour by mixing lots of different coloured skittle sweets and adding warm water, the colours ran out of the skittles making a rainbow of colour in the dish.

We also had a go and a walking rainbow experiment where we placed coloured water into class jars with tissue paper and watched the two colours travel up the paper and into the middle glass where a new colour was made,
We learnt that blue and red mixed together makes purple, red and yellow makes orange and yellow and blue makes green.

The children also helped to decorate our stall for the science Fayre in the hall where pupils and parents got to explore and look at what we had been doing during science week.
We also made rainbow biscuits for visitors who visited our stall, (they didn’t last long though haha)

Thank you to all parents and pupils who came to see our stall

We had so much fun!

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