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Making Gruffalo Crumble

May 3rd, 2017 by and tagged , , ,




Today the children in nursery have enjoyed making there own Gruffalo crumble

We talked about the importance of washing our hands before cooking

“We have to wash our hands cause we got germs on our hands ain’t we”

We then looked at the different ingredients we needed

“We need butter” “bananas and strawberries” “raspberries”
“Need some biscuits aswell” “some sugar to mix it up”

The children helped to follow the instructions looking at the pictures that showed us what we need to do

“We have to chop the bananas up” “we have to be careful cause knives are sharp ain’t they miss baker”

The children worked safely with the knives to chop the banana up
We then began filling the trays with fruit and adding broken biscuits to the top

“We have to cook it now in the oven but you do it miss baker cause it’s hot
for us”

Well done everyone, the Gruffalo crumble looks fantastic?

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2 Responses to “Making Gruffalo Crumble”

  1.   Rebecca Mason Says:

    The gruffalo crumble was definitely delicious both me and Alfie enjoyed it with some custard


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