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Fruit Tasting

June 28th, 2017 by and tagged ,



Today during snack the children had the opportunity to try some new fruits, we talked about hygiene and being healthy

Firstly the children washed there hands ready for snack

“I need to wash all the germs of my hands don’t I miss baker”
“Germs make us poorly if we don’t wash our hands don’t they”
“I need to use loads of soap to get mine clean”

We talked about the different fruits we were going to try, we had watermelon, pineapple, banana and Kiwi, the children talked about what the fruits looked like before they had been peeled and cut.

“They’re different inside look there’s seeds in the watermelon and it’s not green it’s red”
“The pineapple looked spikey on its skin”
“This watermelon tastes nice its juicy the pineapple is really sweet ain’t it miss baker”
“This kiwi is sour I like dour sweets I do”
“We don’t eat the skin do we”

The children did very well in trying the different fruits

“Fruits make me healthy, cause I’m big now see”
” I love fruits do”
“My favourite is watermelon”
“I love this pineapple it’s so juicy”

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2 Responses to “Fruit Tasting”

  1.   Rebecca Mason Says:

    Alfie said his favourite fruit to try was the water melon and he didn’t have strawberries cause he doesn’t like them


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