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Sharing a Shell – Shared Reading

July 10th, 2017 by


In today’s session we enjoyed reading the book Sharing a Shell.

The children helped to go over our class rules before we started
“We need to do good listening, good sitting, good looking, good waiting, good speaking and good thinking.”

So then we talked about the front cover, and what the children thought might happen in the story.

Poppi said “it’s under the sea, all loads of sea animals and mermaids”
Ethan thought there may be a shark in our story “with sharp teeth”
and Verity-Rae talked about the crab she could see “I don’t like nasty crabs cause they sometimes snip ya finger and pinch ya”

The children engaged well and listened attentively to the story offering ideas of what might happen next and how the characters might feel.

Molly said “that crab needs to be kind and share else he won’t have no friends”
Frankie added “he’s being nasty to them, and he’s not sharing, see he’s got a angry face”
Alfie “I like it when they all happy at the end, see they smiling now”

At the end of our story we talked about what had happened and what we enjoyed about the book.

Alfie said “me like the bit where they all sharing”

Georgi said “it raining broke everything”
Poppy “I like the part where they all go into the pink shell “they was all happy”

Well done everyone!

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