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Looking for Mommy owl – Owl Babies

September 28th, 2017 by

Today we went over to the education garden looking for the owl babies Mommy as we had found they had gone missing from our classroom

“”I think they gone to find their Mommy”

“They gone to go and get some dinner”

“I know I bet they’ve gone to make a nest”

The children enjoyed exploring in the education garden looking at where the lost owls could be, we looked high and low and behind branches and trees

We found mommy owl hiding high up in a tall tree and the baby owls were all sharing a small branch.

“Look I’ve found mommy she’s up there at the top of the tree”

“Here’s the babies, look Sarah, Percy and Bill”
“They am sitting on the sticks”

After we had found them the children enjoyed making a nest with grass, sticks and twigs for them to live in

“They will be warm now won’t they”


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